List of current airdrops

Join and earn 100 ADZBUZZ tokens per day.

Join to get your 10 ETHX tokens.

THE ACCOUNTING BLOCKCHAIN is airdropping 2500 tokens, approx. worth 25 US-Dollars.

PRANDEX is airdropping up to 700 tokens just for joining.

HOUSEPANDA is airdropping their token.

Get LIBERTYLANCE tokens for registering.

Get 50 shares on DECONET for joining.

STOCKCHAIN is airdropping their tokens.

Get 100 AITHEON tokens, worth approx 35 US-Dollars.

Free AAT tokens for registering.

Get 50 TRIALTOKEN for joining their telegram.

Complete tasks to get your SPIKE tokens.

5 US-Dollars worth of CCRB just for signing up.

50 ELT tokens for signing up.

Sign up and complete some social media tasks to earn BIGBOM tokens.

Sign up to receive 100 LAX tokens.

Join here to get APOLLO DAE tokens.

Join and get free PHONEUM token.

IAGON is airdropping their token (estimated value 12 US-dollars)

First click the icon and sign up, then fill out the AIRDROP FORM.

ACCESS NETWORK is giving out tokens to join the airdrop.

SPARTA ICO is airdropping tokens worth up to 30 US-Dollars .

Get VEIRIS token worth approx. 20 US-Dollars.

Get up to 50 FEX (worth approx. 20 US-Dollars).

Free BPC tokens for signing up to this airdrop.

Get SELFSELL when you join their telegram group.

Get 20 EMINENT token when signing up.

Unboxed is airdropping a million US-dollars in UAB tokens.

ENDORSIT is airdropping 666 EDS tokens (on the NEO blockchain).

Join the MAXIMINE airdrop to get 100 MXM.

Receive free SYNTERA tokens just for registering.

Get 25 AFL Tokens when you register

VERNAM is dropping 10 million tokens to participants.

Get 10 VRT (approx. worth 10 US-dollars) for signing up and an additional 5 VRT for joining their telegram.

Get 15 DNN for joining the Telegram channel.

10 REFEREUM points for signing up. More points can be made with other tasks.

Get 250 VALOREM for joining the airdrop

Free AELF Token for signing up and completing tasks.

Signup and get CORL Tokens for free

Get YBK for joining this airdrop

RAYSNETWORK is airdropping their token in the biggest referal campaign yet seen.

Get CONTRACTIUM for joining and doing some tasks.

BLOCKCHAIN.COM is airdropping their token.

Get up to 300 tokens from BLOXIA (approx. worth 24 US-Dollars).

AVINOC is airdropping up to 7700 of their tokens.

MEVU is airdroppoing 12 of their tokens (approx. worth 4 US-Dollars)

EFIR is airdropping a total of three million of their tokens.

Join and get your free WORLDOPOLY tokens.

KINDADS is airdropping their token to participants.

Get EET coins for joining.

Get 200 CONCERT VR tokens for joining (approx. worth 20 US-Dollars).

Get 100 TELE for registering (approx. worth 12 US-Dollars).

PRONTAPAY is airdropping 100 tokens.

Get 100 HUBTREX tokens for registering on their site.

Free BOE tokens when you sign up.

Free BC.GAMES for signing up.

First you need to sign up on the page (click the icon).

Then you need to fill out the AIRDROP FORM to get 300 PAYVX tokens.

Get PAYPRO token for registering

Get up to 450 stakes at COINCROWD.

Get 5 BETLYCOINS (worth approx. 10 US-Dollars).

join the COINANALYST airdrop to get your COY tokens.

Get 1000 LOOIX tokens.

COTRADER is airdropping 2500 tokens if you join them.

Get CINEMAWELL tokens, worth approx 30 US-Dollars.

DAOX is airdropping their token.

Get 170 OFCR tokens just for registering.

Get BUL token for joining.

Sign up for the THORIUM airdrop campaign.

Receive ODYSSEY tokens for signing up.

VERASITY is airdropping 40 million of their tokens.

Get 10 ABITCHAIN tokens for joining and more tokens for certain tasks.

Sign up to get DAX.

Receive 10 LETBET token for signing up.

PROVOCO is airdropping 150 tokenss

Join the HVC airdrop.

Get 50 SOFIN in the airdrop.

Join and get 500 SYNT.

RAWG is airdropping tokens to participants for doing social media tasks.

Receive MONEDA tokens for signing up on their page.